How to retrieve Property Values from an MSI file, using VBScript

The VBScript function below can be used to retrieve MSI properties from an MSI file (database). It uses the WindowsInstaller.Installer class.

Function GetMsiProperty(msiFile, strProperty)
	On Error Resume Next
	dim inst, db, view, row, str
	str = ""
	set inst = Wscript.CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer") 
	Set db = inst.OpenDatabase(msiFile,0)
	If Err.number Then 
		Set view = db.OpenView("Select `Value` From Property WHERE `Property` ='"& strProperty & "'")
		Set row = view.Fetch
		If Not row Is Nothing Then str=row.StringData(1)
	End If
	set row = Nothing
	set view = Nothing
	set db = Nothing
	set inst = Nothing
	On Error Goto 0
	GetMsiProperty = str
End Function

This function accepts the MSI full file path, and the property to be retrieved.

For example, in order to retrieve the ProductCode of an MSI whose full path is C:\Temp\Test.msi, one would call it like this:

strProductCode = GetMsiProperty("C:\Temp\Test.msi", "ProductCode")

If the property doesn’t exist, or if the file cannot be opened, the function will return an empty string “”.