SAP Visual Enterprise Client Silent Installation

Assuming that you have the installer from SAP, called VisualEnterpriseViewer_7.0.1.178_Complete.exe, this is how to install SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer silently.

There is an easy way to install it with default options:

VisualEnterpriseViewer_7.0.1.178_Complete.exe /Silent

But that’s not the way we would recommend. There’s a more elegant way of doing it.

  1.  First, unzip the executable to a folder of your choice.
  2. Run Setup\NwSapSetupAdmin.exe
  3. Create New Package. Give it a relevant name, for example: “SAPVisualEnterpriseViewer_7.0.1.178_Complete”
  4. Customize your installation by selecting the desired options
  5. Close it.

Your SAP “package” info will be stored in Setup\SapPackageSetup.xml

In order to install it silently, run the following command line:

Setup\NwSapSetup.exe /Silent /Package=”SAPVisualEnterpriseViewer_7.0.1.178_Complete”

Log files will be created under %ProgramFiles%\SAP\SapSetup\LOGs (or ProgramFiles(x86) ).


For a silent removal of the package, run the following command line:

%ProgramFiles%\SAP\SapSetup\NWSapSetup.exe /uninstall /Product=”DVM+DVC” /Silent

(Or %ProgramFiles(x86)% )