MSI error 1618

The meaning of an exit value of 1618 of msiexec is ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING. It’s one of the most common codes of Windows Installer (after 1603, of course).
This happens if an installation started while another one was already running. It doesn’t affect the first one, but it won’t do anything. There cannot be two instances of msiexec running at the same time.

The solutions for this issue are the following:

  1. Wait for the first installation to end, then start the second one.
  2. If you need to automate this in a wrapper, you can check if there’s an installation in progress and wait for it to end. Check for msiexec /i or msiexec /x or msiexec /<something> using pv.
  3. (not recommended) If you think that the installation in progress is hanging and should be stopped(or something similar), you can try to end it, by killing the running msiexec.exe instances.
  4. (not recommended) Reboot the machine. This will kill any installation in progress.  Then try again.
  5. mentions 3 extra solutions to the problem. Ont might want to check those as well, if the ones presented above haven’t solved the issue.