Stealth Google Chrome 34


For those who are not able to install Google Chrome on their work PC, due to proxy blocking the original installer or due to lack of permissions, I’ve created a stripped-down version of the Chrome installation.

Also, some corporations forbid browser alternatives, forcing you to use Internet Explorer. Usually, they scan the users’ PCs and send them warnings (or worse) if a “forbidden” software is found installed. This version tries to be as stealth as possible while keeping the complete functionality. Some files are renamed, some others removed. Registry info is also changed so that SCCM (or other tools that might be used) won’t be able to find it. Of course, this doesn’t mean it is completely stealth, but you have a fair chance of getting away it with. 🙂



If you have admin permission, download it here.

If you do NOT have admin permissions on the PC, then download this version.

The installation will run unattended. There is no interaction needed.

If you want to install the application in a different folder than the default one (chosen by us), use the following command line:

msiexec /i [full_path_of_MSI] INSTALLDIR=[your_desired_installdir_here]



Please note that this version will NOT be able to install updates automatically. Therefore, please check our *Stealth Google Chrome Download page* on a regular basis, for package updates.



Right click on the MSI file and select Uninstall to remove it, or go to Add/Remove Programs and remove it from there (Stealth GC).