InstallAnywhere Silent Installations

<h1>InstallAnywhere Silent Installation</h1>

According to Wikipedia InstallAnywhere is a Java-based software used to create software packages.

On Windows, InstallAnywhere packages come as executables.

In order to install such a package silently, we need to follow these steps:

1. Create a configuration replay file ( by starting the setup in replay mode.
<setup.exe> -r
2. Complete the installation by selecting the desired options.
3. Edit the newly file. Add this line before the install directory definition.
4. Save
5. Run the following command:
<setup.exe> -i silent -f “<pathto>\”

ATTENTION: Try to keep the path to the .properties file short (no spaces). Otherwise, the setup might fail (Problem opening install properties file). Try something like c:\tmp or c:\temp…

By default, log files (or something close) can be found in c:\tmp.

<h1>InstallAnywhere Silent Uninstall</h1>

In order to uninstall the software silently, look for an Uninstall*.exe in the installation directory. Run it with the -i silent parameter.