How to use SDBINST to install SDB fixes


SDB files (databases), which we’d call shims, can easily be installed with the following command

sdbinst -q path_to_sdbfile

-q means quiet mode and the prompts for confirmation are auto accepted.

Another parameter used during installations is -p, which will allow SDBs containing patches. Not that common, though.


Once installed, there will be an entry in Add/Remove Programs, with the name given to the fix in the ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit).




In order to uninstall a  shim, sdbinst can be called with the following parameters

-q                     quiet mode, same as for the installation

-u File.sdb      this will remove the shim installed by the provided SDB file


-u {guid}         this will uninstall based on the guid

-n name          this will uninstall based on the internal name (the one



Known issues

See what issues might occur when using sdbinst in our related article.