DPInst exit codes explained

The DPInst executable returns a decimal value. We cand decode it find out what the outcome of the installation was.

First, the value needs to be convert the decimal value into hexadecimal. The easieast way to do it is using the Calculator. Switch to Programmer View, select Decimal, enter the value, click on Hex. That’s it.

You’ll obtain a value like 0xWWXXYYZZ(or less digits – in this case, the zeros in front won’t be shown). Then, we separate the pairs. Basically, we`ll get 4 hex numbers. This is their meaning:

0xWW If a package couldn’t be installed, this will be set to 0x80.
If a reboot is needed, its value will be 0x40.
Otherwise, it will be 0x00.
0xXX  Number of driver packages that could not be installed
0xYY ┬áNumber of driver packages that have been copied to the driver store but haven’t been installed on a device
0xZZ  Number of driver packages that have been installed on a device

We have made available a calculator that will decode this value for you, and that will also allow you to calculate the returned value of different scenarios.